1240000_10202088745406714_1381261753_nFox Valley Prophecies

The Fox Valley in north east Wisconsin will experience a season that God is calling ‘the dark night’. This “Dark Night” season began in 2001. During this dark night the following things have been prophesied to occur.
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flagsProphecy for America

In 2009, God spoke to me about a public event was going to happen that would spur an inordinate amount of violence in the U.S. He said, “It would happen twelve twelve.”
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Gazing Pool Vision

The vision, all four nights, began the same way with me approaching a desk that had a high tech looking computer on it. I could see thick demonic activity at this machine, around it, and in it. Seeing the demonic activity was why I resisted
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Joie PirkeyJoie Pirkey’s Healing Testimony

In June of 2000, at the age of 35, I unexpectedly had two heart attacks, one following the other and was diagnosed as having a short time to live by doctors at the Mayo Clinic. On the last day of September, in 2001, after preparing my funeral and getting my will in order, the Holy Spirit appeared to me in a vision and told me that He was giving me a message for the church and was going to heal me to prove that the message was true. Below is a short version of my healing testimony given at a church in Racine, WI: